How I Curl My Hair

Who loves loose, bouncy curls for Summer? *raises own hand*. What makes me feel buoyant and more confident for the day is having a stylish outfit with a great hair do! My go-to hairstyle is to have those care-free, loose curls which you can toss to the other side and still feel good! 

I get asked quite a few times about how I curl my hair, so I have created a video for those who want to know. But before I get to that, there's more to just curling hair with heated irons. In order for your curls to look bountiful, its important to keep your hair healthy from root to tip. Sure, you can trim your hair every three months, but if your like me, and you can’t find the time to do so, and you continue to use heated styling tools…then this ones is for you - Kiehl’s Magic Elixir. 

This product is god sent! After every use, it leaves my hair looking and feeling so soft and shiny. I explain a lot more in my video from 0.34 seconds. 

Now...onto the curling iron! A good hair day to me is when your curls last and look more defined as the days go on. That's why I use GHD's Soft Curl Tongs. I've been using this for several years now, and it never fails! My curls last for days and it's so quick and east to use. 

Watch the video now to learn how I curl my hair. Skip ahead to 4.00 minutes if you want to jump to the curling action. 
I hope you guys find it helpful and thanks for watching! 

Hinisha x

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