Debenhams Beauty Club

Today I woke up to my face being advertised across the UK to promote Debenhams new Beauty Community. I’m so grateful to see my photo used across all promotional channels, including the Metro paper, online and in stores.

The Debenhams Beauty Club Community is a place for all the latest information from beauty, perfume, gifting and more. Anything you want to know, The Clubhouse is the place to start up your own topic of conversation. It’s an open and chatty community for people who love to share their passion for all things beauty related!
      For those who loves to try before you buy, or even get free gifts!…I would recommend anyone to join the beauty club and register for their card. Not only do you collect points to redeem against products, but Debenhams stores gives out free beauty gifts upon showing your beauty card in stores. 

Every now and then, competitions are also held on the blog. I recently won lipsticks from Too Faced after submitting my photo entry for the ‘Lip Look’ competition.

Take a look at the lipsticks I’ve won from Too Faced. 

'Make Me Blush' & 'Stop Traffic

Hinisha x


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    1. Thank you for your comment! I'll be writing and posting more on my blog page. I hope you'll find time to return to read it! :)


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