Skiing Vacay Vlog '19 | Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

Having spent 6 days in the beautiful town of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, I have found a new passion for skiing!

'I only wish I had done it sooner!'

I had the most amazing experience, and I would go back without hesitation. Even though I fell a few times, but I got right back up and tried again. For a first-timer, I was surprised at how good I was. Having said that, I was bumped up from beginners to intermediate lessons. Heck! I was even willing to take on a black run on the last day (which is a pro level), it's a good thing I didn't as I was exhausted by the end of the trip, and I even lost 5kg’s! 

From this trip, I've learnt not only to ski, but have come to realise that I want to learn new skills which bring me joy and makes me feel alive! Skiing for me was liberating and it's an sport that I will continue to do for years to come!

Daily must-have's for my skincare regime in Chamonix!...

This was my moisturiser for day and night. This cream has been tested in extreme weather conditions itself in Greenland. Using glacial proteins to seal in moisture within the skin barrier for up to 24 hours! It's a lightweight and soft formula which sunk into my skin instantly. I was afraid thinking my skin would feel tight throughout the day and would have to reapply it regularly, so I kept it with me. But luckily, my skin felt hydrated with one application in the morning. It also acted as a great make-up base!

My recent must have for preventing damage and ageing to the eyes! The skin around your eyes are 10x thinner, so it's vital to protect the delicate area. I have tried and tested many eye creams in the past, and this one for sure is my current fave! Being the age of 28, anti-ageing is a concern and those lines aren't going to disappear by itself. With the help of the Youth Dose Eye Treatment, I noticed my lines were less noticeable, and my eye area was brighter. It's a creamy, thick texture which I felt was perfect to hydrate my eyes against the cold winds. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to brighten and reduce their fine lines!

You can imagine how chapped your lips would be if you were exposed to the freezing winds of Chamonix. Luckily for me, I kept mine protected using this product. It was constantly reapplied to reinforce the lip moisture barrier.  At night, I was more generous with how much I used, hence felt like a blanket of creamy goodness! Effectively, I would wake up with baby smooth lips.

Saving the best till last! I sprayed this baby every few hours when skiing on the mountains. This can be applied even on top of makeup and doesn’t give off a white cast. This product should be in everyone's beauty bag! 

I hope you guys enjoy watching my video - feel free to ask any questions regarding my trip, beauty regime etc…

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