I've Not Got Much Toulouse

Have you ever just wanted to spontaneously get away from your usual surroundings and fly away at a cheap cost? Well, that’s what I’ve just done for £20.

    Just 3 days prior to my trip, I was gazing at the night sky, thinking to myself about an idea I say to myself often, ‘I could fly anywhere I wanted to...but I don’t actually see it through’. This time was different. I went back inside my house and booked the next cheap flight for a day anywhere and found a return flight to Toulouse from London.
It was meant to be.
    Usually for a day out, I’d venture out into London, wander around eating good food and see different art exhibitions. This would most likely cost me more than £20 for sure. So this decision was a no brainer.   

These days we’re easily stuck in our normal routine in our lives and forget about being adventurous from time to time. It’s this that keeps our zest for life consistent (it does for me anyway). During my trip, I also felt like I had time to gather my thoughts and became more self-aware. I appreciated the present and simple pleasures of listening to jazz in the centre whilst slowly consuming my chocolate gelato flavoured ice cream. Even more so, I experienced my first ever carpool with strangers. I thought that I was going to be kidnapped by Peter (the driver), because he was muscular, hardly spoke and was serious, wearing an army jacket fleece...oh and he also locked the doors - hence I woke up with much difficulty every 40 minutes with one eye to make sure his GPS was heading to Stansted Airport! I mentioned my thoughts of him by the time we got to the airport and we laughed it off! It was nice to have engaged with these people, getting to know more about their lives and reason for travelling.

Print blouse : Topshop

There’s always a lesson to learn with anything you do in life, and I’ve decided that I definitely want to be travelling more. Not only for the fun of being in a new place but also meeting new people. They say travelling opens your eyes, and for me, it broadened my mind, giving me the “I can do” attitude towards life. 

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