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Have you ever needed a quick get-away that’s relatively low in cost, but you don’t know where to go? Well, this was the case for me. After doing long hours of research, I picked out a random destination and settled with Nice, in the south of France. Hotel prices were within my budget, and so I stayed at a contemporary looking hotel called Hôtel NH. It was not too far from the city centre, and it had a pool on the roof. You can probably already guess that I was sold on the idea of a rooftop pool.

      During my 3 night stay, I got to wake up with beautiful views and indulge in freshly prepared, french breakfast from the local bakery. Usually on holiday, I like to get a feel for a place, so I explored the main city and watched the fountain in Promenade du Paillon. I also did my research on which main attractions to see. Within two days, I managed to see the ‘Fountain of the Sun’, visit the Henri Matisse museum and Marc Chagall museum. I even managed to fit in a delicious drink at a bar near the beach!

      To get to these locations, I prefer travelling by foot as you never know what beautiful, hidden locations you’ll find. I’m grateful enough to come across a Banksy inspired street art and colourful architecture. 

     Upon arrival on the first day, I made friends with the concierge. When returning back to the hotel, later in the evening, I was telling him about my day. He then offered some ideas of places to visit, which at that point was like music to my ears. It turned out that Cannes is a 40 minute train journey away from the train station. That then decided my plan for the following day.


It was a cheap journey to Cannes the following day. I didn’t eat much for breakfast so I was looking for a restaurant that would truly satisfy my hunger. That’s when I came across an authentic looking, busy Italian restaurant. I thought to myself ‘this must be good!’. I swear to you guys, Da Laura served me the best arrabbiata dish I have ever eaten in my life! It was even more flavoursome than the food I had in Rome! That’s saying something. It was so good that I used the bread to scoop up any remaining sauce left in my dish. The cost of it all did reflect on the quality of the food, but it was worth every euro!

      During my walk, I came across and acknowledged the star-studded floor. Eventually my legs (unwillingly) steered me into the InterContinental Carlton Cannes hotel. I wasn’t going to turn down this pleasant circumstance. So I took a seat, ordered a dessert and watched the rest of the world go by whilst sipping on my pina colada.

      My overall experience in Cannes was a delight. The city was overflowing with shops, restaurants and fancy hotels. The people live such a lavish and joyful lifestyle which makes me want to return again someday for a vacation of pure indulgence.

      When returning to Nice and eating out that evening, I was at the right place at the right time. I ended up in a conversation with the people sat next to me, who then advised how I should spend my next day. It turns out Monaco’s casino is open for public viewing before 2pm. That then decided my plan for the following day.


That early morning I caught my train to Monaco which was a 30 minute journey. It didn’t take long to walk to the Monte-Carlo Casino at all. As soon as I turned the corner, I thought I was in a Bond movie. Luxury cars were all lined up beside each other, with tall palm trees, with a grande exterior of the building.

      I took so many pictures that day, as everything was so extravagant. Inside was full of detail with high ceilings and sleek looking bars. I made a promise to myself that day to return with bags of cash to splurge on the betting games.

      After the casino, I was clueless on what other things I could do in Monaco. So I had a quick bite and began some research to find my next destination. Whilst eating, I discovered another top attraction which I was going to visit next. The Oceanographic Museum, in other words, the aquarium, happened to be on the other side of Monaco. So, I did what I enjoyed best, and walked, whilst slowly savouring my chocolate Mövenpick ice-cream. It was consumed by the time I got there, so I did a good job in making it last. The museum was an enjoyable past time. I saw sharks, sea horses and a tank which Nemo and Dory were sharing.

     To get back to the station, I walked the route which took me to the marina with the big yachts. After seeing how swanky they are, it’s definitely on my ‘things to do list’.
     Overall, the experience of Monaco was an eye-opener of the high life. If I were to return, I’d definitely be back with some friends to enjoy this buzzing lifestyle.

Hinisha x


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