Kiehl’s Photoshoot in London | Vlog

Happy New Year guys! (Even though we’re two weeks in) What a great way to kick-start the year with this amazing collaboration I’m sharing with you today. I was recently asked to take part in filming a short video for the leading skincare company, Kiehl’s (ahhh!). I was jumping up and down for days at the prospect of working with them and being advertised on their Instagram page!

This is my first time working with a brand. I was so excited to learn what the process of filming entails, so I documented my experience to show you footage from behind the scenes. I had a lot of fun on the day. I got to see my friends and make new ones too! It was a real eye-opener to witness how much hard-work is put in to create great content for social media. I’ve learnt that it takes a lot of practise to memorise even the fewest of words. Heck! I’ve even grown to appreciate a Director’s patience! 

My role was to promote their new serum which contains 12.5% of Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. It’s called the Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate. I was fortunate to try this product on my skin before the release date as it was given as a gift. Given that, I felt more confident in reviewing a product that I’ve tested and seen great results in. 

Watch below my vlog and experience with Kiehl’s on the day.


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