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If your looking for a daily product that provides a natural glow to your skin, then I would recommend using Kiehl’s Glow Formula Skin Hydrator. This is magic in a bottle. The light formula has a beautiful luminescence quality once applied to the skin. Its key ingredients are 95% naturally derived, containing Pomegranate Extract and Squalene. Both ingredients hold powerful antioxidant and hydrating properties. With continuous use, I have noticed the health of my skin improve to an extent. My skin appears to be more brighter with fewer breakouts on the skin surface

Another top tip on how you can use this, and how I love to use this is to add a pump to your foundation or your moisturiser. Giving you that extra shot of radiance!

Click below to watch how I use this in my regime! 


For an instant boost of radiance to the skin, I turn to Vichy’s Instant Glow Double Peeling Mask. This product is formulated to remove dead skin cells and to exfoliate the skin surface. This is achieved through using Fruit acid AHAs and fine Volcanic Rock, leaving you with a brighter and smoother complexion. 

So, for those people who have had those long, exhausting days, and your feeling flushed, this ones for you. Its cooling gel texture instantly refreshes the skin upon application. You can really feel the ingredients working its magic, invigorating the skin from the tingling sensation. Just after five minutes, my skin feels awakened and smoother. 

Watch below how I use and got on with using this product. 

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