Portugal | Family Vacay ’18

I'm back from hot and sunny Portugal! I’ve recharged my batteries, and I’m happy to be glowing inside and out! I had such a great time with my family to celebrate my dad’s 60th Birthday. It’s been a long time since we’ve all relaxed, and of course I’ve vlogged it all! You can watch below of all the fun we had together. We stayed at this beautiful hotel called Jupiter Algarve Hotel. Every morning I loved drawing back the sheer curtains and being able to see the beach. I felt like I was in a movie... *Drifting off again*.

Even though my vlog will show you guys the places I've visited and eaten at, I'm going to mention a few, incase you decide to travel there yourself. 

Just a 5 minute walk from our hotel was Lena's Gourmet Cafe. This was our 'cant-go-wrong' cafe, serving up different varieties of breakfast including English. We visited there twice on our first day as we missed out on breakfast. Our nearest beach was called Praia Da RochaIt was a very spacious beach. Think clean sand, caves and...I wish I could say warm water, but it wasn't at all. You get used to it though. There was this amazing indian restaurant which you wouldn't even think twice entering (due to the location, and maybe the interior *rolly eyes*), but my god did it taste good! It was called Kohinoor, and by far it was the best meal. And I'm not only saying this because I'm Indian. 

We caught a taxi to visit Lagos. Luckily it was a beautiful day. Buildings were painted in pastel shades, a local man with his guitar was singing, setting the perfect scene. We visited Lagos as my dad wanted to play golf, and so we did. The mini golf course was called Pro Putting Garden. The best thing about this place was that we went on a weekday, so it was quiet. Not only that, it was so interactive. There were these motion triggered frog statues, which sprays out water! They were so quick to capture your movement, so we all got wet. It was a real good laugh!

Funny story when you watch 'Day 3' on my vlog. We picked a random town to visit, in this case Ferragudo, to take a walk through some gardens. Instead, we ended up at a private camping site which was a 20 minute walk away from the centre. The sun was blazing and we ended up walking back (which my mum wasn't too happy about), and got lost. However, it may sound like a bad experience, but it was one of the most unforgettable memories I had. There's a quote that I love...

'Some beautiful paths can't be discovered without getting lost'. - Erol Ozan

During this walk, we came across some beautiful alleyways. Houses were painted in all different colours, trees that bloomed bright pink flowers and church bells were ringing in the distant. It all sounds dreamy, and it was. So guys, I would encourage you if you're not much of a walker, to simply...get lost. 
     By the time we reached the main centre, the locals were taking their seats in bars in preparation for the World Cup. We took ours too, and sat at a lovely restaurant called, Tutti Tapas. The staff there were incredibly friendly. So friendly, that they continued to top up my coffee and ice-cream milkshake with whipped cream! Jokes aside, they made us feel welcomed and even helped us book a taxi back to our hotel.  

We didn't spend very long in Faro as we returned here to catch our flight. Beforehand, I researched a restaurant that serves light lunches and desserts, and found Demo Urban Bakery. The design of the interior was modern and the food was just what I was looking for. It was definitely an instagram worthy location. 

Hinisha x

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