H&M Holiday Haul

Before I travelled to Portimão, I had such a successful shop in H&M. I found so many great items of clothing that you can easily combine together. So I’m here to share some outfits and makeup looks that I wore on this trip! 

I purchased this in a size 8 as it's a loose fit. I’ve combined it with black shorts, so I could wear a red lip to contrast against the colours. Add a few accessories, (hoop earrings) and you're good to go! Majority of the time when I’m on holiday, I wear bikini tops underneath. You never know when you come across a secluded beach on your walk. I’m that type of person to jump in whenever I feel like it!

Red on a hot holiday is my go-to colour! (Obviously). As soon as I tan, I like bringing out all those bright colours. I wore this look on our trip to Faro, wearing MAC's 'So Chaud' on my lips, and a bigger pair of hoop earrings. It was a beautiful and bustling city so I wanted to fit in with the vibrant atmosphere. I decided to wear it with a pair of high waisted demin shorts, as it cinches in the waist, and even better, it was really comfortable!

As soon as I saw this on the rails, I knew I had to buy this. I hardly find playsuits with V-neck’s that aren’t too revealing. Even better, this one had a button to conceal the boys! I wore this outfit for a little outing to a small town called Ferragudo. We discovered some beautiful alleyways whilst getting lost. It was definitely the most prettiest alleyway I’ve ever seen!

This was worn on the 3rd day of our trip, and by then I was glowing. My tan stood out against the stark white, so to compliment this look, I decided on the natural look. For my lips, I wore MAC’s ‘Burnt Spice’ & combined it with BareMinerals ‘On Point’ Lipliner. I can already foretell that I’ll be wearing this combination for a long time! Earrings are from Accessorize.

Pink-T calls for Plant-Print Shorts!

Need I say more? I’ve tanned and I’m bringing out the colours. I wore this look on the last day of our trip, and there’s a reason why. I don’t know about you guys, but when I return back from a holiday, I want to look and feel as though I have. What better way to give this impression by having a sizzling tan and wearing a funky print/coloured outfit. I would then continue to wear cool outfits until my tan fades, which by then, the holiday blues kick in (sad times).


I’m sharing with you all, two of my holiday must-have products. It’s a product that literally everyone should swear by, and its SPF50! I couldn’t live without wearing it everyday.
       Did you know 90% of ageing is caused by the sun? That’s right. Anywhere in the world, even during winter, you name it - the sun doesn’t take any holidays! That feeling of warmth kissing your skin feels great temporarily, but it will cause long term damage. Well, anyways, enough lecturing on the sun. The two products I use are: 

The first product I use is to be worn before applying make-up. It’s a non-oily texture which absorbs into the skin at an instance. The second is another ride and die product. It can be used anytime during the day, even on top of makeup! How great is that!? A fine, dry mist is all that’s required to keep your skin protected against the damaging UV rays. 

Hinisha x

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