Hip Hop Brunch London | 27th Birthday Vlog

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Bir...right! I'll stop there before I get carried away. 

Guys! I've just turned 27...WOO! I love birthdays! I mean, who doesn't right? These days birthday celebrations don't just last a day, they last a week or more! I spent my actual birthday with my family and went out for a lovely meal. Come weekend...I'm out partying away with friends. And this year, I went to a Hip Hop Brunch in London. 

I had such a blast! I couldn't ask for anything else to make my day any better. Especially after eating pancakes at my favourite restaurant beforehand. But enough chit chat, let's crack on with my video. I hope you guys enjoy my birthday vlog. I would totally recommend this place to anyone who just wants to have a good time and belt out a few songs. 

Outfit details:

What do you guys think of my singing? Actually, scratch that, I don't think I want to know... *hides face in hands*

Hinisha x


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